Finding fun down on the farm

Open Farm Day is coming

Are your kids growing up “urban” with little knowledge of where their food comes from?

Open Farm Day is coming Sunday, Sept. 15 and it’s a chance for Manitobans to gain a better understanding of agriculture while exploring a way of life they might not otherwise have access to.

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Open Farms close to Virden this year are:

  • Hodgins Farm, Lenore. Honey bees, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pigs. Free beef and pork on a bun.
  • Borderland Agriculture, Pierson. Bison, regenerative farming.
  • Food Ethos Farm, Coulter. Mixed farming: grass-fed beef, pasture pigs and hens, grains, fruits.
  • Lucky Break Ranch, Rivers. Horse learning centre.

Here are some of the other experiences available across Manitoba: tour a dairy farm, attend agricultural societies planned events, bison ranches, mixed farms, grain/oilseed farms, agriculture museums, a brewery, a stroll through a greenhouse, experience agri-tourism, get a tour of the Bruce Campbell Discovery Centre to learn where our food comes from and how it gets from the farm to your plate.

Other adventures include a chance to see and engage with producers and the local Conservation Districts on their unique partnerships in environmental and water issues, learn how producers partner with other groups to help preserve wildlife, and see how forage and grasslands impact our environment.

Go to and click on Host Sites to plan your day and get directions to sites, the hours and activities taking place at each farm.

Open Farm Day is hosted by Manitoba Association of Agriculture Societies.

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