FLBSD principals gear up for school

Fort La Bosse School Division staff met with school administrators on Aug. 19 to finalize plans for FLB schools as they work to stay abreast of the latest provincial requirements pertaining to COVID-19.

Mask wearing, hand washing, and classroom cohort groups are all part of the ongoing plan for COVID-19 prevention.

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In an interview, Barry Pitz, superintendent stated, “I’m excited to see students returning to in-school learning.”

Pitz is also hoping for an open fall that will allow the use of outdoor space for teaching.

There will be no staggered attendance at FLB, at this point, but the entrance and exits from the school will be controlled.

He said just a few parents have voiced concerns for their students attending school this fall. “I have had contact by parents concerning general safety.” But all students are expected back in their school buildings come Sept. 8, unless there are medical reasons they should not attend.

He agreed there were savings with schools being closed since March 23, and some of that money will provide PPE such as disposable non-medical face masks for schools. Students are encouraged to wear their own non-medical masks but if one is forgotten or lost, the school is ready to supply one.

The superintendent said no teachers or staff have retired specifically because of COVID-19 concerns. Virden Collegiate teacher Mike Bertram has retired, as he had planned to do. Former Goulter principal Amy Schiltroth has taken a position as resource teacher at Reston School.

Three principal positions are newly filled. Will Noseworthy is leading at Goulter, Tyler Mitchell is now principal at Kola School, taking over from Kristi Wilson and Kent Schiltroth  has stepped up to become principal at Reston School.

Pitz said he cannot issue any guarantees about how back to school will go but the division is working with the latest information from Manitoba’s medical officials.

“This is not going away any time soon,” he said of the novel coronavirus. He wants to get on with the business of educating kids.

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