Friday the 13th gives Ice Cream Island a “cold start”

But some ice cream lovers were not deterred

On this frigid Friday the 13th, Virden’s Ice Cream Island opened as planned. A handful of parka-clad customers huddled at the order window at 6 p.m., either spoiling their supper with ice cream, or having a creamy meal, or finishing their supper with an ice cream treat.

The sun wasn’t much help by supper time and the air temperature, near -6 with a breeze, was truly unfriendly.

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But hey, ice cream is ice cream!

Amid constant media updates about the terrorist coronavirus causing Manitoba schools to take a three-week spring break (no doubt causing parents to come down with a headache), and shutting down Virden’s Telus Cup weekend scheduled for April, maybe ice cream is what you need.

Tonight’s -20 may be the coldest we have to endure and by Thursday next week, I predict a longer line-up at Ice Cream Island with melting bits of dirty snow in bright sunshine and birds chirping.

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