Front Step Project in Virden pays tribute to health professionals

Members of Virden’s medical staff have a message for everyone, “Just stay home.”

These front-line professionals in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic took a few minutes of their day last week to step outside and be part of Virden’s Front Step Project, a story that began in the March 27 issue.

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Photographer Sharla George has now completed the Front Step Project with 40 families participating. “I hope this brought cheer and will continue to do so this upcoming week as I continue to edit and post the images,” she says.

Intended as a way to build-up morale for a largely shut-in community, each family was asked to “pay it forward” in whatever way they could.

“We took pictures of families from a VERY safe distance. I had my long zoom lens and, in many cases, I was more than 10 feet away from anyone.”

George says, “I am honored at some of the ways some families have already done this. I am honored at the community support.”

People can see their photos on Sharla George Photography Facebook page. 

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