Get educated and speak-up about K-12 education

Thursday, May 9, at the Clarion Hotel in Brandon

Are we leaving our children’s and grandchildren’s education entirely in the hands of someone else? Education is integral to their future and to their part in our world.

Most are trusting our Trustees to represent our interests.

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Premier Pallister is giving you an opportunity to review our public, K-12 education process and to speak to that issue.

There are about 188,000 students across Manitoba, from a wide variety of backgrounds with a breadth of needs. School board members are accountable, each to their own unique areas. They know the needs of their own community better than anyone else.

Is there a better way to take responsibility for our student’s education?
Maybe there is and we just haven’t heard about it.

How important are elected representatives? Would a set of professionals do a better job of making education decisions?

This is just one key issue that is at stake.

Who pays for education? 

We will continue to pay for public education – every taxpayer. But who gets to decides how that money is spent? What curriculum is approved? Will decision makers be people that you know, can hold accountable, and who share your values?

If you are passionate about the next generation of Canadians, about your kids, grandchildren, your community, now’s the time to speak up and there are several ways to do that.

You can submit your ideas and thoughts in an online survey.

Or, you can attend a public, informal session to learn more. The upcoming meeting for Westman is in Brandon – Thursday, May 9 at 6:00 p.m.. There, you will have an opportunity for input and to hear the ideas of others.

Or, do both. Attend the live session in Brandon, Thursday evening, guaranteed to be a launching pad for ideas and thoughts that you can express in an online survey.

You have until the end of May to complete the online survey.


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