Getting a new car this spring?

The colour you get reveals something about YOU

Have you ever wondered why there are so many white cars and trucks on the road these days?

White has been the most popular car colour for years, perhaps because neutral tones tend to look new longer, improving resale value as a result.

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In fact, a 2015 survey from PPG Automotive Coatings found the colour palette of black, silver, gray, and white makes up 75 per cent of new cars on the road.

The Pantone Colour Institute highlights popular trends in colours and their experts know a thing or two about what colour can say about a person.

Here’s a look at how drivers may perceive themselves (and how others view them) based on their colour choices in vehicles, courtesy of Pantone, NerdWallet, Thrillist, and

White: This colour can often project the persona of a diligent, hardworking person. White is a dependable colour that’s also sleek and modern. Many people who prefer white also like the purity of the colour and its perceived cleanliness.

Black: Black vehicles have stood the test of time as status symbols. Those who purchase black cars may view them as classic and powerful. Black also conveys elegance. That’s why limousines and hired cars are often black.

Silver: Silver cars may have futuristic connotations because of their metallic hues. Silver vehicles also can be elegant and prestigious. A certain element of modernity is associated with silver cars and trucks.

Gray: People who choose gray vehicles may be less concerned about status and more interested in a vehicle that blends in with the crowd. This no-nonsense hue could be ideal for cautious, even-keeled drivers who like to go with the flow.

Blue: Light blue to mid-blue cars convey a sense of calm and coolness. Blue is a dependable colour and may indicate the person behind the wheel is friendly. Dark blue can be a confidence-booster and also signal authority, as many police cruisers and law enforcement uniforms feature deep blue.

Red: People who own red cars probably like flash and attention. They’re likely magnetic personalities who enjoy standing out in a crowd.

Brown/beige: These earth-toned shades may indicate a person who is not pretentious, but easygoing and fiscally responsible. Reliability and comfort is prized above flashiness for those who go brown and beige.

Green: Green cars indicate owners who have a very strong sense of self and care little about what others think of them. They may be the people who march to the beat of their own drums. But the popularity of green cars peaked in the 1990s, so fewer green cars may be on the road today than in the past.

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