Gold medal for Kreutzer, International Judo

Jesse Kreutzer led the Southwest Team at the Edmonton International Judo Championships March 6-8, in winning the gold medal in his U12 category. He had three wins by full Ippon! 

Brock Dron had a great day in his U10 division, showing great progress with each match. He received a participation medal. 

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Both Brenden Houston and Tanner Dron were in U14 -50kgs. Each had a tough day, Brenden winning his first match by a ground hold for Ippon.  While both lost out to those competing for gold, each were competitive and had very close matches. 

James Kreutzer was in a very tough division in U18 -60 kg. While he was competitive for his matches, he lost his matches due to the others having superior techniques. James has continued to show great improvement during the past three tournaments.   

Due to Covid-19, training and tournaments have been stopped for now. Training will continue later in April. 

Our community should be proud of their efforts. They left everything they had on the mat.  Southwest Judo leader Michael Berman said, “As a Sensei, I can say: All did their best! That is all a Sensei can ask for.”

Submitted by Southwest Judo Club

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