Goulter School has new principal

Will Noseworthy has been named interim principal of Goulter Elementary School as of early October. The Empire-Advance asked him about the promotion.

Q: How long had you been eyeing the position? 

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A: It wasn't really on my radar. The opportunity came up when Mrs. (Amy) Schiltroth went on maternity leave. I will be in the position until she returns. I never thought of being an administrator.  Many people around me were supportive and encouraged me to accept the position.

Q: Why is this a good move for you? Goulter School has an amazing team. It will be my pleasure to be part of this team in a new role. There is so much to learn. I hope to gain new understandings of what happens beyond the classroom.  

Q: What sort of plans, short and long term, do you have? There are many projects and deadlines to be met in the next months. I will be busy with managing that. Stay tuned for developments! 

Q: How do you feel about the promotion?

A: It is an exciting time filled with challenges and new opportunities to collaborate and grow professionally.  

Q: Tell us a little about your background in education, please.

A: Education is something my family always valued as my parents never had much formal education. They supported me in my choice to seek a university education. I graduated from Brandon University in 1995 with BA (four year) in Political Science and in 2001 with Bachelor of Education AD. I became interested in education when I got a job as an Educational Assistant.  I have taught in Shilo, Alexander, Elkhorn and Virden, mostly Grades 3 to 6.

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