Helen has a curious 'take' on the month of May


 Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Greetings this warm May day!

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I begin a quote by Anna Klein: "I just realized why this month is called May. It may rain, it may snow, it may be 21c degrees, it may be -6 degrees."

We have two holidays coming up this weekend but how it will affect any of us in this pandemic I do not know.

Sunday, May 23, is Day of Pentecost, which most churches observe. It happens 50 days after Easter and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit. The word comes from the Greek meaning "Fiftieth". It is a happy holiday and people like to wear red this day.

Monday, May 24, is Victoria Day and is a long weekend. When Queen Victoria died, Canada's parliament officially named the holiday Victoria Day. It was decided that the day would be celebrated on the second last Monday in May. It has been observed since 1895 and was declared a Canadian federal holiday in 1901. Also a happy holiday.

Exciting for many is fishing season opened on May 15. It is not prohibited under the Order of the Public Health Act. Outdoors gatherings are restricted to 5 people. Anglers are encouraged to limit this group to members of one household.

Unless you drive out in the country you might miss how the trees have turned green. I read somewhere that green is God's favorite color.  Whether this is true or not, take time to enjoy nature in all its lush and green goodness. Martin Luther once wrote, "For in the true nature of things we rightly consider every green tree far more glorious than if it were made of gold or silver."

Some residents here at Evergreen are busy seeding gardens and planting flowers. The rain that is to come this week will be perfect to help seeds to sprout.

I met Verna Pennycook and her son Paul in the hall this morning. Verna had read my last weeks report and she told me her mother had lived to be 105. Her name was Ruth Vane.

One resident gave two delicious cakes for us here. They were put in a "safe" place with a sign, "Help yourself".  I enjoyed a piece. Thankyou.

Dalai Lama said, "The purpose of our lives is to be happy." So this Quote for the Day:

"If you want to be happy,

Do not dwell in the past,

Do not worry about the future,

Focus on living fully in the present."  -Roy T. Bennett


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