Helen reminds of May Day song; Miniota news about Brady & baseball

Evergreen Place by Helen Martens
A song I learned in Elementary School goes like this:
"Come soon, come soon, Sweet MayDay,
The sunshine bring again,
We weary of the gray day,
The cold, the mist, the rain.
We want to wash our faces,
In drops of sweet May dew,
And hear in twenty places,
"Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!"
Tomorrow is May 1st, it is MayDay. This is the first day of the year we were allowed to go barefoot. Whatever your age, feel free to walk barefoot in the morning dew. There was a superstition in places that washing the face with dew on the morning of May 1 would not only give you good luck, but it would beautify the skin. Some things that were traditionally done on May 1, were: Cattle were taken out to pasture, Beekeepers moved bees, farmers planted turnips, etc. I grew up on a farm and remember, as many of you will, when we let the cows and calves out of the barn in Spring, how they would kick up their heels and jump and run!
We humans might enjoy putting our work aside tomorrow and enjoy Nature's exuberance also. What does Mayday mean? It comes from the French phrase "M'aidez" which means "Help me." If you hear it repeated three times, it is an urgent distress call.
In this week’s Evergreen report, I will give you a peek behind closed doors.
My closest neighbour, Bert Webb, works with leather. Bert has a sewing machine that will sew heavy leather, using strong nylon thread. He tools belts and suspenders, etc. - very impressive work.
Michael Campbell works with wood making canes of oak, willow and ash wood. One picture shows the whittling he does, by the hour: a chess set, beautiful looking spoons, and many pipes. The butterflies look so real, carved and painted. The welder is one of many human forms he has done. He made the Campbell Coat of Arms, my favourite. Very well done!
I may open other doors in my next report to see what other residents do to keep themselves busy during this pandemic lockdown.
Keep safe and keep busy. Let's enjoy the Merry Month of May!
Quote for the Day: "We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul." -An excerpt from "A Little Devotional for Women."
Miniota News By Linda Clark
Word has been received that Brady Brown continues to recover from his injuries following further surgeries. A community get well card has been placed in the Miniota Fusion Credit Union and you are welcome to sign it and send a greeting to Brady. This will be given to him when he moves a little closer to home. Wishing you well Brady!
Three local fathers took an online baseball coaching clinic this past week and possibly to their surprise the instructor was their former teacher and baseball coach, Mike Krykewich, better known as Mr. K. At this time, we would like to send congratulations to Mr. K on two accounts. Mike was one of three recipients to receive the 2021 Sport Manitoba Coaching Awards – most deserving. You will all remember his energy and enthusiasm as he ran the bases, encouraging his players. The second congrat would be on his retirement from teaching this past winter. Mike’s son, Alex is a university student now. These local father-coaches enjoyed catching up online with Mr. K. following the clinic.
Seeding has begun in our area. Wishing our farm families a safe season with just enough rain to germinate a good crop.
Please phone with any news you might have to: 567-3847.
This week’s quote: “Kindness is only complete when you extend it to everyone, including yourself.”
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