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Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

February is here! The month many have waited for. February is full of romance and food. But it is more than chocolate, roses and romance. Should I give the Ground Hog some recognition today? I really don't believe the ground hog knows a thing about forecasting weather. Sorry for the ones who do. He saw no shadow today so he hurried back into his hole and prepared himself for a long winter ahead. A long winter? Maybe, but Spring will be here next month. I read that the ground hog is right about 50 per cent of the time.

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Feb. 1 is noted as National Freedom Day because this day celebrates freedom from slavery. Now, whose idea could it be to call Feb. 1 National Homemade Soup Day? This is a perfect holiday for a special warming meal. Double your recipe and throw a Soup Party. I guess with only two people allowed you may not have to double the recipe!

Some Evergreen news: 

Anne Lodder was able to visit her niece Maddy of Shoal Lake on the weekend.

My grandson Steven from Shoal Lake visited me. After not having seen him since mid-November it was good to see him again.

 Michael Wile's daughter, Shea of Killarney, came to pick up her dad. He will stay with his daughter

for a few weeks before she moves to B.C.

Mike Campbell slipped outside on the ice and fell. He spent overnight in the hospital, was given a

check-up, and is home again. He says he is fine.

 Before I close, let me remind you of National Pay a Compliment Day, on Feb. 6.  Boost friends or a loved one's confidence and get that warm feeling yourself by giving them a much deserved compliment. If you're inspired, write a love letter packed with compliments!

Quote for the Day: “When you walk down the street, Life will seem twice as sweet, If you smile at the people you happen to meet." -Helen Steiner Rice


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