I Love to Read Month

One Class, One Book for Grade Four

 This year one class in our school was chosen to participate in the One Class, One Book program. This activity will not only be for the students in that grade but their whole family as well.
 Every family received a copy of the same book and parents are asked to read one chapter a night. There was a schedule sent home to follow and in school the next morning the students will be asked to answer daily trivia questions on what was read to them the night before. We hope this will be a short, fun activity for your whole family.
 Reading out loud gives us a chance to be fully in touch with our children no matter their age. As everyone already has a packed schedule we don’t want to make this too difficult but we look forward to hearing from each student on how their family is reacting to the activity. Shown Back (L-R): Erica Mispelon, Natalie Cooper, Presley Cook, Macalla Chalmers, Lily Whyte, Owen Gray. Front (L-R): Rossi Watt, Abby Green, Nathan Scheurman, Alayna Leslie, Taylen Revet. Missing: Brady Irwin, Philipp Pankratz

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