Inklings: So this is what a shut-in feels like

Life sure is different these days!

You might not care, but let me tell you what a typical day used to look like for me. Things got rolling fairly early as I started up my school bus to make sure it was running properly and to get it nice and toasty for the kids riding to school. About 6:45 or so. I’d get home around 9:00 and spend the mornings and afternoons getting ready for the upcoming Sunday Church services - preparing a message, creating a Power Point presentation, reading and studying, taking care of emails, picking out songs to sing…that sort of thing. At least two days a week, I’d visit people, mostly those who were living in Senior Homes or Personal Care Homes. Then, around 2:45, I’d get ready to head off to the school to give the kids their bus ride home. And, oh yeah, throw in the occasional ‘power nap’ (I am getting to be that age) and all in all, my days were pretty full.

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And now, this is what they look like - ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well, maybe not quite, but there are no more buses to drive…no more sermons to prepare…no more Sundays to get ready for…no more visits to make - suddenly the days are pretty long and empty. How empty? So empty that, as I’m writing this column, it’s snowing out and they’re predicting over six inches of snow, meaning that we’re going to be snowed in for a bit - and I don’t really care because, in a sense…I’m already snowed in!

I’m in isolation! There’s nothing wrong with me - I don’t have the coronavirus, thankfully, but in doing my part to follow the medical advice, I’m staying indoors, distancing myself from people.

And it really feels weird!

Admittedly, I have enjoyed the ‘forced holiday’ a bit. It’s given me a chance to get around to a few things that I’ve been neglecting, knocking a few things off of my ‘to-do list’. It’s also given me an opportunity to spend more time with my lovely wife - actual time where we do things together and talk to each other. I’m now enjoying three good meals a day, which I normally didn’t do in the past. By that, I mean that I did enjoy them in the past, but I didn’t usually have three of them! Unfortunately, I’m not getting the exercise that I need to be working those meals off!

But, you can only knock things off of a ‘to-do list’ for so long! A week or two of it is not that bad, but now I’m hearing that this might last until July! Or even longer!

I’m hoping and praying that all of this ends soon. Mostly for the sake of people’s physical health and well-being, but also so that I can get back into my regular routine. I miss it already and the people it includes! 

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