Karel Munchinsky: Candidate profile

Candidate for Virden councillor

Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, I completed four years of post-secondary education in Regina and served as a pastor for 15 years before moving on to business. In 1986, we started Scotsmun Steel from scratch and developed it into a viable business. Through a small loan from the Economic Development Board, we expanded it to include nuts and bolts—aptly named The Nut House.

Over the years, I’ve coached baseball, volunteered with YFC, and more recently, served on the Justice Committee. I also co-own Kimcairn Bed and Breakfast with my wife, Iris.

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As an agricultural/oil town situated by two main highways, the #1 and 83, Virden possesses huge potential for development, opportunity and growth. As well, amenities such as modern, spacious schools, the rink, swimming pool, and new water park hold great appeal for families seeking to relocate. With this in mind, we need to work closely with the RM of Wallace-Woodworth to develop strategies to attract businesses and industries to our community.

I believe the most concerning current issue is infrastructure i.e. potholes and deteriorating street pavement which create unsafe conditions. Specific concerns include paving 5th Avenue from Lyons St. to the last entrance into the TOGP parking lot, fixing or replacing the 7th Ave. bridge north of King St., and repairing sidewalks in front of the post office and the Princess Lodge. This would be a good start in making our community both safe and attractive.

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