Kenton LUD candidates

Kenton residents have the opportunity to elect two candidates to the Kenton LUD committee. The committee positions do not have a direct vote on Council, but meet regularly with one council representative from Ward 1 of RM of Wallace-Woodworth.


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Dennis Hemrica

A local businessman, Dennis Hemrica and his wife Lisa own and operate the Brierwood Creek Café & Grill in Kenton. It was a great relief to the town to find that the café, which had been for sale for a number of years, was going to continue to serve the town and area.

The Hemricas have resided in Kenton for many years, where they have raised their (now grown) family.


Bob Good

Formerly a Kenton area farmer, Good retired some years ago in the village of Kenton. For 12 years he has represented the LUD either as a councillor (eight years), or more recently (last four years) as an LUD committee member.

Seeing changes on council as well as administration he says, “One of the reasons I let my name stand… with a new Assistant CAO in the office and new secretary, for continuity we should have somebody with experience.”

He is a Lions Club member, on senior services committee, Park Residence board (Hamiota), and is active with the museum in town.


Robert Lake

A Kenton resident of 14 years, Bob Lake and his wife have lived in Kenton for 14 years.

Lake worked as a brick layer, like his father before him, since he was 14-years old.

“I did that until I was 30. Then I went to the oil field after that.”

He worked in Fort McMurray until he moved to Kenton. Lake has been employed with Kenton Woodworth Dodge for 14 years.

He says besides enjoying his work, he keeps an eye on seniors living in Kenton. “I help the elderly…lots in the winter time.”



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