Lenore/Pipestone Interclub show

Interclub 4-H Beef Clubs

Members from Lenore and Pipestone 4-H Beef Clubs had their projects in the barns, Tuesday, July 3, getting ready for the Virden 4-H Fatstock Show & Sale.

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Judges for the day were Lee and Cynthia Wirgau of Maple Grove Gelbvieh from Narcisse, Man. Cody Renz was the ringman for the day, Deanna Campion handled the MC duties and Anika Rhodes was the barn marshal.  

Steer Judging

As four steers entered the show ring, the Wirgaus took time to explain to the members what they look for in a steer. Time was then given to the 4-H members to judge the steers, recording their placings and their reasons.

Cloverbuds- Jake Muir from Lenore Club placed first; Recklan Gabrielle (Lenore Club) earned 2nd.

Junior– 1st and 2nd to Lenore Club members Ricki Hill and Coralee Anderson.

Intermediate- 1st place Lucy Boynton (Lenore); 2nd place Caden Nolan (Lenore). 

Senior- Herb Wenger (Lenore) placed 1st; Leah Richard (Pipestone) placed 2nd.

Continuation Heifer

Grand and Reserve Champion - Jaylin Hill (Lenore); -Terrance Vodon (Pipestone).

Calendar Bull Calf (one entry) - first place to Jaylin Hill. 

Calendar Heifer Calf - 1st place Terrance Vodon (Pipestone); 2nd to Amanda Scott (Lenore). 

The top two calves from the bull and heifer calf classes returned to the show ring;

Grand and Reserve Champions - Terrance Vodon (Pipestone); Amanda Scott (Lenore)


Senior/Adults - Lenore Club members Jaylin Hill and Amanda Scott stood first and second respectively.

Intermediate– Lenore Club members Ty Nykoliation and Jayda Gabrielle were first and second.

Junior– Lenore Club members Lane Nykoliation and Ricki Hill stood first and second.

Cloverbud– Lenore Club members Lincoln Judd and Casey George stood first and second.

For Showmanship, out of the top two placings of the four classes:

Champion and Reserve Champion – Amanda Scott (Lenore); and Jaylin Hill (Lenore).   

After the lunch break, four different heifer classes entered the ring. 

Angus Heifers – 1st to Ty Nykoliation (Lenore); 2nd to Kyle Campion (Pipestone). 

Limousin Heifers – 1st Amanda Scott (Lenore) and 2nd to Tyler Scott (Lenore). 

Simmental Heifers - Casey George (Lenore) 1st; Jake Muir (Lenore) 2nd. 

Cross-bred Heifers - Lincoln Judd (Lenore) 1st place; Tyler Vodon (Pipestone) 2nd place.

The top two from each heifer class returned to the show ring.

Grand and Reserve Champion Heifers - Casey George’s Simmental; Ty Nykoliation’s Angus.  

There were 29 steers shown, divided into six weight classes. 

Light Weight - Avery Richard (Pipestone)1st; Shane Gardner (Lenore) 2nd.

Second Weight - Erik Forsyth (Pipestone) 1st; Shane Anderson (Lenore) 2nd. 

Third Weight – (1260 lbs to 1275 lbs) - Kyle Campion (Pipestone); Ty Nykoliation (Lenore) 2nd.  

Fourth Weight - Casey George (Lenore) 1st; Kieran Eilers (Pipestone) 2nd. 

Fifth Weight - Jayda Gabrielle (Lenore) 1st; Lane Nykoliation (Lenore) 2nd. 

Heavy Weight (1455 lbs – 1620 lbs) Ricki Hill (Lenore) 1st; Terrance Vodon (Pipestone) 2nd. 

Grand and Reserve Champion Market Steers - Ricki Hill (Lenore) and Jayda Gabrielle (Lenore).   

Weights were calculated to determine high gaining steers:

Angus Steer - Lane Nykoliation (Lenore), his steer gaining 690 lbs. 

Charolais Steer - Ricki Hill (Lenore), her steer gaining 655 lbs.

Limousin Steer - Tyler Scott (Lenore) steer gained 640 lbs. 

Simmental Steer - Terrance Vodon (Pipestone) steer gained 601 lbs.

The last class of the day was the Group of Three Steers:

Champion Group - Lenore members Tyler Scott, Lucy Boynton and Amanda Scott. 

Reserve Group - Pipestone Members Leah Richard, Kieran Eilers and Erik Forsyth.

Best Kept Stall- awarded to the Lenore Club.

Ambassador Award- Amanda Scott (Lenore).   

The day ended with tears from many members as their steers were sold; Kolton McIntosh auctioneering. Another successful Interclub Show & Sale was concluded with the steers loaded in cattle trailers. Congrats to all members for a job well done. 

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