Letter to Editor: Convoy to Ottawa

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Dear Editor,

I understand that many of our citizens supported the yellow vest convoy, which came to town to muster up support for the oil and gas industry, opposition to immigration policy (specifically UN Global Compact on Migration) and white nationalist rhetoric.

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I am disgusted by the support/effort that our region provided to this cause. I understand that those with roots here see the oil and gas industry with rose coloured glasses, as there are stories of great wealth in times past from the oil boom.

The reality is we need to change our status quo thinking and understand that the future of this once booming sector of our economy is not what it was. Our region should have had diversification measures in place decades ago to provide sustainability.

We have seen bankruptcies, layoffs and a buyer’s market for real estate yet we continue to place our community effort in the very industry that has put us in this mess in the first place. Efforts should have been in place decades ago to attract an alternate revenue and investment stream for the entire region (economic development).

I have lived in other communities that embraced and planned for change in their economy to balance industry shifting. Not being able to sustain ourselves through this downturn is no one’s fault but our own.

As for the not-so-hot topic of white nationalism and immigration policy, do you see the irony of the convoy entering Brandon? Brandon is a shining example of economic diversification, immigration and sustainable growth measures.

Caroline Cramer

Virden, MB


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