Life in the “olden days” of 2020


Princess Lodge By Bernice Graham

The residents are glad to welcome Ellis and Florence Elliott who have made their home here with us.

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Because of this COVID virus it appears that most of us at the Lodge are staying home and therefore there hasn’t been any news written in the guest book.

So, this might be a good time to encourage us to perhaps begin writing our life’s memoirs and have some of our own history to pass down to our grandchildren in order for them to know how we lived/survived in the “olden days”.

Here is a quote from Winston S. Churchill, “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.”

There were 26 Hallowe’eners on Oct. 30. The goodies were put in individual bags and the children just needed to pick up a bag, and of course social-distancing was adhered to.


Miniota By Bev Peel



When November stirs our mem'ry as we stand in thoughtful silence

honoring the fallen heroes marked by crosses in the old graveyards

overseas and in our country, honoring the suffering vet'rans who still suffer

both in body and in spirit from the cruelty that war brought:

then I wonder if TWO MINUTES are sufficient to remember,

to build ramparts that must needs be the foundation of the peace that all the nations,

all the peoples of all the countries hope for also daily pray for.

What is peace? That is the question that demands a fuller answer.

Failing hands threw us a challenge, threw a torch that needs our tending

as the poppies out in Flanders blossom twixt the rows of crosses.

Peace can never be inactive. Peace is active understanding,

peace is helping where the need is, peace is love,

it's making brothers of the peoples of all countries.

Peace is sharing both the knowledge and the means to make a living

with those folks who need the vision and the drive for its fulfilment.

Peace is born within the bosom of a person.

The TWO MINUTES of sheer silence are the time meant to prepare us

so that we will e'er remember that true peace is love in action

on this day of fair November and each day until November of the next year comes upon us.

That's the message that the silence whispers as the bells start tolling.

Pray to God that we will truly hear this message and remember.


Correction from last week: It was Glen and Margaret Still's 65th Anniversary not 60. Quite a milestone!

This week we recognize Greg and Margery Cloake who celebrated their 61st Anniversary on  Nov 7.

The flu clinic was held at the Miniota Hall Nov. 4.

Now with all the ice and snow as of Nov. 9, walking inside the Hall will be appreciated that much more.

Belated congratulations from the Miniota Community to Brady Brown and Brittany Asselstine on the birth of a baby girl, Hadlee Jean, born Oct. 27.

 I will end with a saying from a cookbook. "Habits are like easy chairs - easy to get into, hard to get out of."


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