Lions Club donations encourages Judo to grow

The Virden Lion’s Club has donated $1000 to the Southwest Judo Club in support of the on-going program to enable greater student participation and towards Athlete Travel.

Chief instructor and Club President Michael Bergman reports that a donation from Virden Lions Club has made the regular Judo program available to five students and supplied funding for five athletes to travel to competitions.

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Bergman says registrations have continued to come in and the club has gained new students since the beginning of the New Year. 

“We have had some students return to the mat after having taken some time off and seeing the articles about the Kagami-Biraki….  

“Our travel team is off to a very good start to the Spring Competitive Season. “


Selkirk Open results:

Jesse Kreutzer – Gold -U12

James Kreutzer – Silver-U18

Brenden Houston -  Silver-U14

Tanner Dron - 4th-U14

Brock Dron - Participation Award-U10 (10U is non-competitive)

Jan-31-Feb.1 Inner City Open (Winnipeg)

Jesse Kreutzer – Gold-U12

James Kreutzer – Silver-U18

Tanner Dron – Bronze-U14

Brock Dron - Participation Award-U10

Brenden Houston (unable to attend)

James Kreutzer also attended the Joint Man-Sask team training on Sunday morning.

Southwest Judo Club is registered for the Manitoba Open on Feb. 22 and the Edmonton International March 6-9.

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