Live Different with kindness message for VJH

By Anne Davison

The Live Different team brought a message to junior high students gathered in the Virden Junior High gym. Their theme - kindness.

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Active for 18 years, Live Different states that they exist to inspire people to embrace a lifestyle that cares about people, not stuff.

SLEEP/LESS, a Pop Punk band out of Winnipeg, warmed up the student audience before their speaker, a young woman from Thompson, shared an important and deeply personal message about dealing with abuse and finding a way to forgive.

As a youngster, she felt trapped in a situation where alcohol abuse opened the door for other abuse to happen to her. She had to leave home and live with relatives where she read a book by Joyce Meyers called Battlefield of the Mind. The book mirrored her own situation and the teen knew she needed to do as Meyers had and forgive her parent.

Fort La Bosse School Division bussed students from Oak Lake, Reston and Elkhorn to VJH. Royal Purple (RP) and Boston Pizza teamed up to supply the Live Different team with their noon meal. RP’s cash donation of $600 sponsored the Live Different presentation in Virden.

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