MADESA’s first spring run

Mark Cosgrove’s MADESA held a two-day open practice May 7 and 8. Dirt bikes roared around the challenging track on the lip of the Assiniboine Valley on a breezy but beautiful weekend.

It was a casual ‘ride day’ for kids to get on the track and for families to camp. Pam Grieve at the in-gate was taking names. She said kids were’ very excited about the opportunity. “You should see the look on the kids’ faces, just so excited to be able to do something.”

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Cosgrove has a newer track, MADESA MX, or ‘The Ranch’ on his home property. It will accommodate all sizes of bikes and will serve as a handy course. But he has a certain competition in mind for that track. “We want to cater to the minis and the ladies, to give them their own weekend out, without interference from the pros and the big bikes.”

Today, all ages and bike sizes are out to practice. “This will be the first year that we’ve done anything like this. We’ve never had an open practice out here, yet.” There’s a lot of preparation to make the track ready. “It’s a lot of work to haul all the equipment out here. It’s not feasible to run weekly like some tracks do, but I’ve got my home track.”


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