Miniota Donors Choice plans, and Helen's thoughts on spring

Miniota By Linda Clark

The Miniota- Arrow River Donor’s Choice committee is planning a canvas this year, following the absence of a campaign in 2020 due to Covid. Attempts will be made to touch base with community members by phone prior to visiting, so as to determine whether people are comfortable with a visit to their homes by a canvasser. Masks will be worn. Door step visits would also be considered. Receipts would be issued at that time. However, if a visit/contact is not made, the Donor’s Choice Appeal sheet would be left at your door, and we ask that you drop off or mail your donation and the completed sheet to our treasurer Donna Gardham. Receipts will be mailed to you. Our 2021 canvas will run from April 1- April 30. We thank you in advance for your generosity as many organizations are needing our donations.

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Our community extends sympathy to Albert Frederick and his family Sheila (Ken), Rodney (Bonita), Troy (Terri) and Teresa (Mike) and their families on the death of Jean Frederick, beloved wife, mom, grandma and great grandma. Jean died at their home on March 15.  Sympathy is also extended to Jean’s siblings and their families.

Welcome home to Wendy Lelond who has spent considerable time in the Hamiota Hospital and the Rivers Therapy Unit. Enjoy the spring weather Wendy!

Get well wishes are extended to Lin Young who is presently at Rivers receiving therapy.

A very happy 90th birthday to Dorothy Argue! Dorothy enjoyed a family celebration and celebrated with her three-year-old great grandson Kohler McKean. 

Spring arrived with the sun shining and lovely warm weather!

Quote for the week: “If there’s something better than giving others the best of what we have, it is giving others the best of who we are. Remember: Good persons are like street lights …They don’t shorten the distance, but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.”

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Spring is here. The weather certainly proves it. As a result, families spend more time outdoors. As Gustav Madler says, “Spring won’t let me stay in the house any longer. I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

Driving through town I see many cleaning up their yards and raking the lawns etc. Stand outside and listen to the many Spring birds chirping their songs of joy!

Now let the rain fall and wash away all the dust and dirt. The grass will soon be changing its colour from brown to green.

I drove out to Melita on Wednesday, Mar. 16. It was such a warm, sunny day. I was able to bring a get-well card to the hospital there for Dale Hill, from us here at Evergreen. We want him to know we miss him and hope to see him back again sometime soon.

Eileen Price's son Floyd of Clear Lake was here to visit his Mom this past week.

Tuesday morning, March 23 was a big day here at Evergreen. We got our second COVID-19 immunization. I am praying for good results.

Michael Wile was the lucky recipient of a free haircut in Debbie's (the hairdresser) draw.

Snow is in the forecast for a few days this next week. Let's be thankful for the needed moisture God sends us.

Quote for the Day: "Spring is here. Time for some Spring cleaning. Remove all the self-doubt, worry, jealousy, regret, anger, guilt or any other negative emotions that are holding you back from your happy, fulfilled life." - Nanette Mathews

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