Miniota residents return from travels, the Coles are back and Evergreen Place tidies

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Miniota by Bev Peel 

As I write this Tuesday morning, it’s a beautiful day with sunshine, hoarfrost and no wind after receiving two inches of heavy wet snow and a blustery day on the March 1, and two more inches on March 8, when the temperature dipped to minus twenty! 

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Wendy Lelond and Dorthy Gow have returned from a much enjoyed holiday in Mexico were the temperatures were perfect. 

Bob and Donna Gardham accompanied Delbert and Pat Cole to Minot, ND for a few days, recently. 

Welcome back to Miniota: Brad and Stephanie Coledaughters Anna and Charlotte and two-month old Jack. They return to their "Bee" business after spending the winter at Caronport, Sask. were Brad was the head coach for the Briercrest College hockey team. 

Evergreen Place by Helen Martens 

We are pleased to have another suite inhabited. Ann Lodder moved in on Feb. 23 and we welcome her to the Evergreen family. 

Every once in a while there has to be a thorough check-up and clean-up in the kitchen. Here at Evergreen the kitchen belongs to all residents, to have coffee or tea, to bring you own meal and eat with friends, etc. Well, these last weeks Marlene Balzar and volunteer crew have been very busy doing the sorting and cleaning of the kitchen cupboards. 

Gardens are being planned by some ambitious residents. Some who are fortunate to have a garden plot have started seedlings in their suites already. In summer, everyone will enjoy watching these gardens grow. 

Eileen Price has been enjoying company lately. Her sister-in0law, Doreen Angus, and cousin Ken Coleman visited her. Wendy and Larry Price of Calgary paid her a visit also. 

Lately a topic of conversation is curling, with many curling fans living here. 

Helen Martens was pleased to have a local curler of many years, Florence Klassen, come for an unexpected visit from Ivan Penner of Landmark, Man. A family friend of years back. 

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