Mother’s Day memories, motorcade past seniors’ residences

A drive-by Mothers’ Day Sunday parade of vintage vehicles, was an opportunity for families to decorate their every-day drives and join a vintage vehicle parade knowing that their loved ones in isolation would enjoy it.

This event started out as a means for family members to express love on Mothers’ Day without entering the senior's residence says Melissa Girardin, an administrative assistant for Sherwood Home in Virden. She helped organize the event that grew beyond her expectation.

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When Kevin Williams, a member of Westman on Wheels vintage vehicle club, found out about it he shared the idea and up popped a classic car parade that toured the streets of all of Virden’s seniors’ residences and apartments.

Williams saw it as a way to help seniors who can’t get out and about.

He said, “We tried to get to as many facilities where people were… sheltered in place. Almost every horn was honking and waving. It was fun.”

He had been involved in a drive-away COID cruise in Brandon the previous weekend. “That’s where we got the idea from. We’ve (car club) been tucked away all winter with our cars in storage… it’s a great opportunity to go out.”    

Some 25 cars staged at TransCanada Bearing before heading off, with families and friends in everyday cars joining in along the way. First drive-by was the Sherwood and Evergreen Place, then Bolton Place, Princess Lodge, three assisted living (ACL) homes, a loop around the hospital, Westman Nursing Home and Kin Place.

At the Sherwood Girardin said, “Many ladies got out on the lawn to get a good look.”

Staff made sure that the residents indoors also had a window view.

“I don’t think that people who aren’t involved [with seniors] every day realize what effect it has on the residents,” said Girardin.

The residents made signs for their families as one of their crafts, saying, ‘We miss you and we love you.’

“I cried, it’s tough,” says Girardin. “Hearts were touched, and smiles brought to faces, that’s all that matters to me.”

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