Motocross racing at MADESA

Riding Virden's Assiniboine Valley slopes

Round 7 of Manitoba Motocross racing took place Sunday, Aug. 19 at Virden.

Hundreds of riders starting at age 4 years to adults raced. There were events for little ladies and ladies as well.

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Dirt bikes raced on challenging terrain of the Assiniboine Valley’s west slopes.

It was the first competition on Mark Cosgrove’s track – MADESA - named after the Cosgrove guys who race - Mark, Deklan, and Sam.

The Demolition Derby was on, and it was last day of the Indoor Rodeo in town, not the timing Cosgrove wanted for this first event at Virden. But the bikes came to race.

Turning in toward the valley on the gravel road, the line-up of trailers could be seen on the horizon from a long distance, some of them campers pulling small bike haulers, other were campers with living quarters in the front, the back fitted to haul the bikes.

Nineteen events ran in the morning and again in the afternoon between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.





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