Municipalities speak through AMM

The AMM concluded meetings on Feb. 1, with a number of municipalities in the Western District. The AMM makes it a priority to meet one-on-one with each of its member municipalities at least once during each four-year election cycle.


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“As local governments are forecasting significant fiscal impacts due to COVID-19 in 2021, meeting with individual Councils is important now more than ever,” stated AMM President Kam Blight. “The AMM is committed to advocating for additional supports from the provincial and federal governments to assist our members, including expedited approvals for infrastructure projects.”

“While a two-year extension is appreciated, several Councils raised concerns about transitioning to a single mill rate (for rural and town) due to forced amalgamation. Our members would like to see greater tax flexibility and less provincial red tape to simplify existing tax tools,” noted Rhonda Coupland, Councillor from the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton and AMM Western District Director.

“Public safety and crime prevention were also key themes that arose during the meetings. Increasing demands on police services and rising crime rates are clearly creating additional financial pressures on municipalities,” added Stuart Olmstead, Mayor of the Town of Carberry and AMM Western District Director.

The AMM delegation met with Cartwright-Roblin Municipality, Municipality of Grassland, Municipality of Boissevain-Morton, Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester, Municipality of Souris-Glenwood, and City of Brandon.

 Members of the AMM delegation included President Kam Blight, Vice-Presidents Brad Saluk and Chris Ewen, Western District Directors Rhonda Coupland and Stuart Olmstead, and Executive Director Denys Volkov.

The AMM represents all 137 municipalities in Manitoba.



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