Municipality institutes fire ban - today!

Snowfall this winter has been light, leaving southwestern Manitoba high and dry. Pipestone municipality is proactively banning burning.

It was a warm winter (except for a couple of very cold weeks in February), and March has had some very spring-like days. The first day of spring is right around the corner bringing the temperature up to 15 degrees Saturday.

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Effective today, Friday, March 19, 2021, agricultural burning is not allowed.

A notice on the RM of Pipestone’s web sites advises residents not to burn.

“Violation of this burning ban may result in a minimum $500 fine.” It could get more expensive as all costs of the fire department having to extinguish a fire would be added to the fine.

For homeowners, you can, apparently hold a wiener roast and enjoy a fire in your back yard, but tend it carefully.

The notices says: “All fires contained to a fire pit are permitted but must be attended at all times. Please exercise caution!”

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