National Scrapbook Day in Kenton

Some 30 scrapbookers from around southwestern Manitoba gathered in Kenton, March 15 – 16 to artistically archive their favourite photos and celebrate National Scrapbook Day. The event, usually celebrated in April, took place a month early this year in Kenton.

Marlene Hunter, a long-time Advisor with the Creative Memories (CM) scrapbook company also celebrated 21 years in the business at this Celebration Crop (scrapbooking term describes the placing of photos in books).

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“I’ve always liked organizing things,” she shares, so it was natural that when Hunter first tried out scrapbooking the bug bit; Hunter recognized it as an opportunity. “The first time I did it, I felt it was something I would like to do. It’s a home based business, and allows me to work around the duties I had, having children and farming.”

Hunter organized this special 2019 March event, co-hosting with two others: her daughter Leah Obach also a CM Advisor from the Kenton area, and Wonda Brewer a Close To My Heart Consultant (CTMH) from Hamiota.

Scrapbooking around Kenton takes in a pretty big area. Hunter holds regular scrapbooking throughout the years as well. Once a month, women from as far away as Dauphin, Hartney, Douglas, Virden, plus people from Kenton area meet Friday evening in Kenton and continue their “crop” throughout Saturday.

“The draw is, they have friends that scrapbook. It’s where they meet, get in a visit and have a weekend for scrapbooking.”

Hunter uses two scrapbooking businesses to provide all the material necessary to organize photos into artistic books.

“The number of tools and designer papers that we have to work with has increased entries phenomenally. Over the years, it was pretty basic when we started. And now, there are so many options…”

Digital photography took off in about 2008 and while scrapbookers can choose the traditional method of printing their best photos and putting them into a book, they can also take advantage of a fully digital option.

Digital service is through the company “Forever” that originally started in order to provide permanent, private, online storage.

With Forever clients can pay a one-time fee for cloud (online) storage of digital images. “Forever Artisan” provides photo editing. Hunter says, “There are templates and all kinds of digital content that you can purchase… you can use it over and over again.  There’s also pre-designed books that you can just put your photo into the blank.”

Her monthly workshops (Kenton and Rivers) see between 35 – 40 people in attendance, not all on the same weekend. She had just a dozen on one very cold winter weekend, her smallest workshop. People from afar will rent a room in Virden or Rivers to stay close to Kenton over the two days.

A scrapbook can tell a story. Some people archive the life of a pet, or a vacation, gardening, just whatever the interest is. There are also card-making kits.

There is a big weekend coming up in Brandon for scrapbookers, with a number of advisors on hand and some 90 guests are expected.

But Hunter likes to start newbies in a simpler setting. “If someone wants to learn, I tell them, ‘Come on to my ‘crop’ and I’ll spend an hour with you and get you started.’”

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