Nearly 1000 quilts for charity

The school gym at Acadia Colony near Carberry was the centre of a charity quilting event held recently. Ladies from colonies near and far join the Acadia community to layer and sew quilts for Christian Aid. Colony girls can be seen entertaining on the violin and guitar.

Acadia Hutterite Colony, located northeast of Carberry, hosted their annual week-long quilting event from Feb. 11 - 15. Each day ladies from five others colonies (some from as far away as Selkirk) joined the Acadia ladies to piece, layer and sew quilts which will be donated to Christian Aid.

Up to 50 ladies worked in the school gym each day from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and with 25 sewing machines this year managed to complete a record number of quilts - 965 to be exact!

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Many hands certainly contributed to this event. Although the quilting kept everyone busy, there was always time for a visit, some sharing of new designs and of course coffee with wonderful baked treats. At the recess break, the school children came in to check the progress and help collect pins from each sewing station or remove the safety pins from the completed quilts.

During the afternoon break, quilters were entertained by the school children. On Tuesday, four young girls played a wonderful selection of music on violins. Wednesday the younger grades sang a selection of songs.

With the quilts completed, the next task at hand was to bag and vacuum seal each quilt to make it ready for shipping. Quilts will be shipped to the Ontario based organization, Christian Aid, who will distribute them to those in need, whether in Canada or abroad.

I, Margaret James, got involved when a family from Boundary Lane Colony moved to Acadia. The family invited me out one year and I have been attending for about six years.

Loretta Oliver, a farm neighbour of the colony joins the quilters every year as well. In other years non-colony ladies with a connection to Acadia and a common interest in sewing/quilting have also joined them.       

It has been a privilege to take part in this event for the last few years. The event is so well organized - everyone has a job and is always willing to step up and help out. It is wonderful to see how a group can come together to help those who are not as fortunate as many of us in Canada.

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