New format for RM council meeting, distance and video

 In a public announcement, the RM of Wallace-Woodworth explaines they're providing a different way to participate in council meetings, and a video link to allow the public to view the meeting.

 The regular public meeting of March 24 will be the first of such distance meetings. However, their plan is to follow this procedure for subsequent public meetings as well.It is, at this point, unclear how delegations and presentations will interact with the meeting.

The announcement, also posted on the RM website, reads: Council has made the decision to suspend ALL face-to-face meeting of Council, Committees and L.U.D.’s. Meetings will be conducted through electronic and conference call methods.

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In order to meet our requirement for public access to regular Council Meetings, we will be recording the video and audio footage and rebroadcasting following each meeti

For anyone who wishes to view the recorded meeting, there will be a YouTube link on on Wednesday, March 25.                               


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