Oak Lake holding Education Review Meeting

May 31 is the deadline to respond to the review

There’s no time to lose to speak to the challenge to “Help shape our education system.” Manitoba’s Commission on Kindergarten to Gr, 12 Education is worrying to schools where things are working well and local tax dollars help local kids get a good education.

At a crowded roundtable meeting held May 9 in Brandon, many from far and wide expressed concern about how taxation for education might be collected, and where that money would be spent.

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Here’s what the Oak Lake School Parent Advisory Committee had to say to their members as they urged them to reach out and invite people to attend this public meeting in Oak Lake on Wednesday, May 29:

This meeting is VERY important as our area honestly stands to be hit hard by some of the proposed changes. We are already losing our JK program next year and more cuts will follow. I also believe that losing our local school board would be really negative for decisions made for our school and for taxation in our community.

SO- we need to pack the house on Wednesday night as our community needs to know that this will affect each one of them. The education portion of taxes may increase substantially with the money going to support education in other places (namely Winnipeg) instead of staying here. This alone should make our community want to have their voices heard!


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