Owner of mystery Bible looks for the book’s family

“This is a long shot. I’m looking for the family of the original owner of this Bible,” says Sheryl Perrin-Wilson in a Facebook post.

She says that her father-in-law gave her the Bible a long while ago. “He bought it at a garage sale in Calgary awhile back." She says, “I don’t know any of these people. But maybe somebody out there might.”

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It was customary to record family names within the Bible, (www.familyhistorydaily.com/) and there are several names listed within this one. Written within the Bible, it’s owner’s name and details of his circumstances:

James Davidson, Virden Man.; Sunday 5th Apr. 1908

I am at present staying in (Batchelor?) hall with the following chums, Robert Thomson, Simon Forrest, James Bennet, Neil Campbell, William Mackie

At times, family history becomes important to us and that is the case for Sheryl Wilson (nee Perrin), who recently lost her dad, Dave Perrin.

She says, “Along with missing him, I also realized that he was the last of his family to know his history. Which got me thinking about this Bible… .”

She says her father-in-law, Tom Wilson, has found many treasures in garage saling, including this Bible.

“What caught his eye was the age and the message inside. Tom knew I was from Virden and so he picked it up for me, knowing that is where I was born and raised.”

It has sat in her bookshelf for some years and she says, “Now, with social media I thought might have a better chance of finding the owner or the family of the owner.” You can find the post as Sheryl Perrin-Wilson's on Facebook.


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