Padlocked YTC slated for renovation

A valuable community asset in Virden is being returned to service thanks to a generous donation from Tundra Oil & Gas.

The Fort la Bosse Wildlife Association was recently a recipient of a generous $30,000 donation from Tundra Oil & Gas. The money is to be used for structural renovations of the Youth Training Centre (YTC), located on Thomas Drive.

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This large donation has opened the door for other groups to help as well and Virden Scouts also recently donated toward the building’s repairs.

Kurt Janzen explains, “The basement walls of the Youth Training Centre in Virden are starting to collapse inwards. In fact, the Centre had to be padlocked as it was deemed unsafe.

“We were unable to start the Archery and Explorer Program this past September. Other clubs such as the Southwest Judo Club and Virden Scouts are also unable to use the facility.”

The YTC also rents out to other groups during the year such as the RCMP, Brandon Police, Manitoba First Nations Police and others wishing to hold meetings, etc.

Janzen says that after much discussion, the Club had the outside of the building excavated and hired an engineer to assess the building’s condition.

“While we are still waiting for the Engineer’s recommendation for repairs, the cost estimates are in excess of $60,000.


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