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Dear Editor:

re: Province announces consultation on nutrient targets for Lake Winnipeg

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More than 20 years ago, I along with many others became aware of how Lake Winnipeg and other Manitoba waters were becoming polluted. Our government was ignoring the dire situation; and pressing on with the expansion of the Intensive Livestock (hog) Operations (ILO's).  Our concerns of the massive amounts of manure being created were ignored. Despite evidence being presented in the media, including a documentary, Choking Lake Winnipeg. We were called fear mongers. Still, we didn't give up.

Eventually, there was a glimmer of hope. In 2007, Manitoba's Clean Environment Commission released a ground-breaking report recognizing a problem with the environmental sustainability of hog production. The Save Lake Winnipeg Act was established and stringent regulations were enacted. Progress to help save Lake Winnipeg seemed achievable.

The potential was inspiring.

However, over time, governments change...

The positive steps taken then became a "hindrance", so they were trashed.

"The Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act" was introduced- a process to allow the wheels to be "greased" so that many more factory hog barns could be built. (And they are.)

So often we hear the outcry for economic development and associated employment, but there are no concerns expressed for environment and our water sources. 

Overwhelming scientific evidence proves our present economic system is rapidly destroying our planets ability to sustain life.

Yet, too many of our politicians turn away from science to favour the same systems of development that has brought us to the brink of this cataclysmic situation. If we forge ahead in total selective ignorance of the situation, then we are guilty and complacent in the destruction of Earth's life sustaining gifts.

For without water, "there is no economy ... without water ... there is nothing!”

Therefore, I have concluded that the waters of Lake Winnipeg are more polluted than before, and one of the main reasons, is government who, instead of being part of the solution, has sadly become a huge part of the problem.

John Fefchak, Virden

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