Paving portions of 8th Ave and Wellington St.

Town of Virden Council


A Public Hearing was held during this week’s regular Town of Virden Council Meeting at Tundra Oil & Gas Place regarding a Local Improvement Plan for an upcoming road construction project.

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One ratepayer joined the hearing by remote means, but had no questions or objections. The work involves asphalt paving as well as the repair/replacement of sections of curb and gutter on Eighth Ave. S. from Wellington St. W. to King St. W., as well as on Wellington St. W. from Eighth Ave. to Nineth Ave. S. 

Council accepted a quote from Zenith Paving Ltd. of Brandon in the amount of $315,621 which was the lowest of two bids received; $300,000 of this will be financed through borrowing, as provided for in the 2021 Financial Plan, with annual payments of $68,337.49.  The remainder of the funds will come from the applicable operating budget.    


As budgeted for in the 2021 Financial Plan, Council authorized that a capacity study of the sewer collection and water distribution system be carried out at a cost of $35,000 plus taxes.  The work includes a field investigation, the building of a conceptual model, lift station and sewer capacities, Secondary Plan development impacts, needs and capacities, and the ability to service the Industrial Park and Westerly area.   


The purchase of Juniper hardware and software, at a cost of $8,500 plus an annual $650 licensing fee, was approved.  This will allow Town staff to map utility infrastructure such as hydrants, manholes, and valves, as well as input the necessary data in-house.    


Council has established a new development incentive program aimed at attracting new residents and businesses to the community, encouraging existing ones to remain, and stimulating new residential, commercial and industrial development. The applicable by-law received first and second reading at the meeting, and Councillors requested that several amendments be made before it is finalized at the next regular meeting on June 22.    


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