Pierson, Lyleton and Area Seniors Supper

Area senior residents gathered at the Pierson Community Hall on Wednesday, December 11, for the 58th Annual Christmas Supper - a tradition that gives recognition to all who have worked and played together (and still are!) building strong, rural communities. Pierson United Church has taken over the hosting duties since the local Lions Club folded but it is a true community effort with support from many individuals and businesses. Winners of the door prizes were Arlyn Fletcher and Stewart Southam.

Following a delicious turkey meal, everyone headed upstairs for the entertainment which was open to the public. The Drama Queens (and King) performed two Christmas skits that had everyone laughing loudly. Earl Burnett treated the audience to two jazzy numbers on the saxophone with Lori Jones accompanying on piano. The 22 member Youth Choir were a hit as they sang two songs - “Mary Did You Know” and “Away In A Manger” under the black lights. The choir completed the program with a lively “It’s Christmas Time”. Cookies and juice were provided by the Youth Choir’s families.

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Thanks goes to everyone for their gifts of food, money, decorations, time, talents and hard work. The best kind of gifts!!  

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