Plaid Friday savings with local businesses

Paint the Town Plaid! That was the goal for 2020. Unfortunately, this unseen enemy we call COVID has had other ideas.

You may see Plaid Friday posters in the windows of local businesses, but what exactly is the promotion all about?

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Plaid Friday has its roots in Oakland, California. Eleven years ago, their community started the promotion as a way to encourage residents to shop their unique local stores, instead of venturing into the frenzy of big-box shopping that took place after the American Thanksgiving.

Since its inception, the Plaid Friday concept has spread throughout small-town USA and in the last few years, has ventured across our Canadian border. With so many small communities across our vast landscape, Plaid Friday seems like it was made for Canada. We Canadians, at some point in our lives, have all owned the famous lumberjack shirt have we not?

Plaid can be a little on the wild side when carried to extremes, and some Virden businesses are offering extremely good deals in conjunction with the Plaid Friday sales.

Wolverine Supplies

Wolverine Supplies carries a surprising stock of outdoor sports items for camping, fishing and hiking as well as equipment for target shooting and hunting. They boast a supply of everything firearms, archery and outdoors. Check out their line of thermal gear for the whole family, to keep warm while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Wolverine has kept their staff of local people employed throughout the pandemic.

The store is open for business. “We have measures in place to meet all the requirements for COVID safety precautions and restrictions,” says Andrea Cook, in marketing for Wolverine. For full information visit their Contact Us page.

Wolverine’s website is set up to work smoothly for a virtual shopping experience and they provide curbside pick-up as well.

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza’s Franchisee Jillian Irvine is excited about their Plaid Friday emphasis including the $10 promo card for every $50 gift card purchased.

On Nov. 24, she says, “We have some exciting features for the holidays that just launched today.”

Smoked Gouda & Poblano Pepper Ravioli is back by popular demand as well as Smoky Mountain Spaghetti & Meatballs. Select items off their holiday menu come with a Free Toblerone Bar. All holiday items are available now for pick-up, curbside or delivery.

Boston Pizza officially opened to serve the public on Dec. 8, 2015 and is celebrating their fifth anniversary.

Irvine says, “Every year I am humbled by our amazing loyal customers that continue to support us year after year which helps to provide job opportunities for 50+ employees. This year I am beyond grateful to everyone that has keep us smiling through the pandemic and continue to support us during both lockdowns, and as well trusted us in-house when we were reduced to 50 and 75 per cent capacity.

“I know with everyone working together to flatten the curve, we will open again, and we cannot wait to welcome all our guests back.”


Kullberg's has been serving Virden and area for 30 plus years. Kullberg's manager Philip Brooking says, “I think that local shopping is so important right now.” And there are a few ways to do that.

During Red restrictions, essential items such as appliances can be bought, right in Virden. The store is open to serve customers and COVID protocols are in place.

To take advantage of sales on non-essential things like Christmas décor, give the store a call. “We sell over the phone and online. We can always take a sale over the phone,” says Brooking.

On the website, there’s a podium chat option. “You can chat with us through a salesperson as well.” The store does business through e-transfer as well as credit cards, for online shoppers.


The Empire-Advance, Virden’s oldest business, celebrated 135 years of recording the area history in 2020. To continue the celebration, on Plaid Friday, we are offering a Free digital subscription when you purchase a print subscription. You are welcome to keep the digital edition for yourself or gift it to a loved one. While so many of us are spending more time at home and limiting our social interactions, a digital edition, delivered directly to your email inbox at 9:00 am every Friday, makes a superb gift idea.

An alternative to Black Friday, we encourage you to embrace the Plaid this Friday, Nov. 27 and show appreciation to your locally owned and independent businesses by keeping shopping dollars within our communities.

According to Plaid trivia, the word plaid is also a Welsh word for “party.” So, when someone says “Plaid Party” that means party! party!


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