PR 257 historic bridge holds artistic interest

Manitoba heaved a sigh of relief when the Province announced the replacement of the bridge on PR 257. It is scheduled for demolition this summer.

Before it goes down, people are taking an interest in the original architecture of the structure. Built in 1924 (inscribed on the cornerstones), 97 years ago, there is a beauty to this cement structure. Some members of Virden Art Club are making it a sketching project.

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A Kenton area woman was involved in the original plan for the bridge, says Bonnie Sangster. Edna Robinson (became Mrs. Sangster, Harvey Sangster’s mother) was a youth out of high school when she worked in the office responsible for the bridge’s construction. She had artistic talent, an eye for perspective, and at about 17 years of age Edna helped with the drawing of the bridge blueprints.

Until a few years ago, the bridge carried traffic, including heavy equipment, as an important route to Virden’s Fifth St. industrial area, and other points in Virden as well as the Hwy 257 travel to Kola, until authorities deemed it unsafe following the flood of 2011.


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