PWR invites submissions for Hometown Heroes project

Prairie West Recreation

In answer to an initiative she calls Hometown Heroes, Laurel Lamb with Prairie West Recreation, has received several Hometown Heroes nominations, which she has shared with our readers as well.

Hometown Heroes was an idea Lamb got from a community rec colleague. It struck a chord and she decided to offer the communities of Kenton, Lenore, Elkhorn, (the RM of Wallace-Woodworth) and the Town of Virden the opportunity to get involved and see their nomination posted on PWR Facebook page.

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While a number of people have to stay home, a host of others have continued working in essential industries so we can have groceries, medications, health services, education, garbage and water services continue.

Also, you may think of someone you want to thank among those laid off such as mums and dads who are helping with school for their kids.

Lamb says, “Residents are invited to submit a photo and short story about a person they would like to recognize for their contributions to our community.” Maybe it’s “someone who drops off a meal to help out.”

She plans to post the tributes on Prairie West Recreation’s social media.

The first nomination came from Sadie Fordyce of Kenton:

“I would like to nominate, Gerry Nolan from Kenton. Gerry is the present manager of the co-op in our thriving town!

Gerry shows generosity and determination to make sure us Kenton folk have everything we need to stay safe and healthy. During, and before, the pandemic Gerry had set up an operation to have groceries delivered to those in town who could not make it to the store.

This helped us a lot, especially with young children.”

Self-isolation has been successful keeping COVID-19 at bay here, but people still need to interact and PWR is providing ways to do that.

Weeks ago, Lamb started the Weekly Challenge. Definitely kid-centred, it was an invitation to send in your picture of a blanket fort. Quinn McLean was the winner and received a Valleyview Co-op gift certificate.

The winner of a Twin Valley Co-op gift certificate for the Fly a Kite challenge came from a photo sent in by Sara Reimer, a mother of three.

The most recent challenge requires a photo of a board game being played. The prize is a Virden Sport & Fashion gift certificate. The store has matched PWR’s gift certificate, doubling the bootie.

With PWR’s programs being cancelled due to COVID-19, Lamb is looking for ways to keep the communities connected. Watch for a gardening challenge coming up. See advertisement below.

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