Renovation not for faint of heart

Connecting the Dots

As you read recent news and wonder what Virden is going to do with two sets of consultants hired (13 Ways Inc. and HTFC), well, so was I.

However, I have found that these have different thrusts, and their work can dovetail.

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In my mind, having sat in on sessions with both these consultants, their ideas could make hallmark changes, turning Virden into a progressive, modern town. I personally like the idea of modern touches framing the beautiful heritage buildings. We’ll see if others do.

The hitch? The financial investment. Oh, but before the dollars are found to flesh out the ideas, it is going to take some brave, visionary leadership from within Virden to come up with that capital.

No vision is without risk. How comfortable are we with taking a leap? Someone has to shout the vision from the rooftops – tell us what’s to be gained.

In Doug Griffiths, Virden leadership will have a mentor, an example of how to see past fear of failure and get a taste for what CAN be.

Virden incorporated as a town around the turn of the 20th century and grew quickly, filling with business and homes. A busy downtown quickly developed around the railroad.

Then the 1950s brought the discovery of oil in the area and Virden’s 20th century industrial revolution started. The business core spread out, King Street grew as a mixture of residences and businesses.

Liza park, the EDM for Virden noted, “This project with HTFC is specifically how to revitalize our business corridors and uniform our approach for wayfinding and aesthetics. It is one of the main components that came from the Boost Report, revitalizing downtown.”

Anyone who has ever renovated or even hung wallpaper with their spouse will realize there will be pain, before gain.

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