Reston Record Makers 4-H Club Communications Night


On Monday, February 3rd, Reston 4-H Record Makers Club held their Communications Night at the Reston School.

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 There were nine speeches and twenty-seven people in all that attended to support the kids.

 The judges were Tanis Chalmers, Nancy Schiltroth and Amanda Gray.

 Amanda Isaac is the Group’s Head Leader and did the presentation of the groups.

 The speeches presented added a bit of comedy with laughs and giggles from “Eating Pigeons” to a “Puppy Pooping in Mom’s Office” and the result of getting sucked into a Black Hole you could end up “Stretched as thin as a noodle”! We also heard some useful facts about Canada, Sir Elton John, Border Collies and Life on the Farm! Ottlie McCallum had a speech about 4-H facts and experiences. Did you know that 4-H has 24,000 members? And Kirsten Isaac wrote a speech about Lactose Intolerance. Did you know that 65% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant? And 16% of this amount is in Canada!


1st, Carter Sobry – “Have you ever ate a pigeon?”; 2nd, Rossi Watt – “Sir Elton John”; 3rd, Jack Marsh – “Canada”.


1st, Sylas Leveque – “Black Holes”; 2nd, Cadee Sobry – “My Puppy Lucy”; 3rd, Owen Wray – “The Farm”; 4th, Savannah Kendrick – “Border Collies”.


1st, Ottlie McCallum – “4-H Facts and Experiences”.


1st, Kirsten Isaac – “Lactose Intolerance”.

 The top 2 in each category will move on to Zone Communications on February 27 in Virden at VCI (High School) at 6:30 p.m.

And from there Zones will be in Brandon on March 21st.

Good luck to all who placed and will be going on to Virden.


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