Reston residents under a boil water notice

UPDATE: Boil Water Advisory LIFTED

Throughout the RM of Pipestone clean, safe drinking water comes through pipelines from the RM of Wallace-Woodworth production plant to serve rural and town residents.


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This fall, the area’s water supply has dealt with several water leaks which has put the town of Reston and a few other rural residents under a boil water advisory.

Most recently, on Sunday and again on Monday, leaks were discovered. The notice reads: “Until further notice, all water used for consumption should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is used for:

  • Drinking and ice making
  • Preparing beverages, such as infant formula
  • Preparing food, including washing fruits and vegetables
  • Brushing teeth

Tyson Anderson, Manager of Utilities, responded to questions about the leaks and why there was a boil water advisory.

In order to fix a leak, the line pressure is reduced. Any time line pressure falls below 20 PSI there could be contamination get into the water line. Therefore, out of precaution, there must be a boil water advisory for all who use that water.

Anderson said it’s been a bad fall for leaks. “We’ve never had so many waterline breaks.” There have been two in Reston within the last three to four weeks and now there’s a new leak in the rural infrastructure where the line is just five years old.

“We had a major break in the main eight-inch line to Reston,” Anderson explained of the leak discovered on Sunday. This also affected some 27 rural customers. But, everyone within the RM receives phone notices to warn them that the water will be turned off and of boil water advisories. There’s also an email newsletter for those who signed up for it.

While repairing the large break, elsewhere a small leak from a valve was also noticed as ice forming in a ditch near town. This leak is also being addressed. 


The town of Sinclair was to have a waterline leak repaired late Tuesday which would mean a temporary drop in pressure for that community.

Repairs for Reston water break and the rural water break are underway on Wednesday, Oct. 28 and are expected to take most of the day. Rural residents that were affected on Sunday, Oct. 25 will be without water until repairs are complete.

UPDATE As of later Friday, Oct 30, the RM of Pipestone had the water lines fixed and the good news: they could resume normal water use - the Boil Water advisory was rescinded.Town of Reston residents have access to water from the town’s reservoir, so they are asked to conserve water.

Anderson explained that after the leaks are fixed, water samples are driven into Winnipeg for testing to ensure the water is clean for drinking and all uses.

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