Reston’s heart beats to the music

2020 sure has been a different year, but as we continue to move ahead with all the changes and obstacles set out in front of us, we tend to take a step back and appreciate some of the little things. Be it the teachers, to the businesses in town and all they have to offer even through the restrictions, to the home sales ladies and all the great products they have to offer and the hard-working post office team.

I think our little town is pretty much complete in its own package.

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However, Reston has a beat all its own, and that’s made possible with our little gem! A Talented lady to say the least, Tanya Martin has put a smile on many peoples faces near and far. Some may know her from “Music in the Park.”

She’s been setting up her own little stage inside her home and singing live for everyone out for a walk or whomever wants to drive by and listen. This has truly made the town smile in so many ways.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember” Martin says. “I absolutely love singing and I find it very therapeutic. I have sung at funerals, weddings, anniversaries.”

Well, 2020 sure has changed things for Tanya and all of us. “I think my reaction was the same as everyone’s when COVID hit. But now that we are all into the routine of masks and sanitizing, I am actually not hating it. I mean, I don’t like the lockdown but it is what it is and not much we can do about it.”

Well Martin has been doing something about it and I think the town appreciates what she is doing. A few times now over the past couple months she has been singing her heart out. Today a few children from the daycare and their helpers went out for a stroll and she sang them some beautiful songs.

I think Martin says it best with her wish: “My wish for Christmas is for everyone to find happiness, be healthy and just enjoy the little things in life. If COVID has taught me [anything], it is just that - enjoy the little things in life because you never know when those little things will be gone.”

Merry Christmas everyone!



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