Reston to build on rec vision

Reston Golf Club has plans in place to build a multi-use, four-season clubhouse facility that will enhance the community’s recreation opportunities. 

The clubhouse is the latest phase of a community-led recreation plan that began in 2016. In just over four years the community has built a splash park, a man-made lake and enhanced the campground adjacent to the golf course.  

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The existing clubhouse is in need of renovations that are not feasible to meet today’s codes or the needs of the community says Ross Tycoles, Chair of the Reston Golf Course Clubhouse multi-use project.

The golf course has adopted the Reston Lake and Campground vision to provide a four-season facility that will accommodate school outings and family events as well as everyday fun for community members and visitors to the area. Already, this facility in the past four years has been an eventful place in the summer months. Many of the amenities are open, free of charge or at very reasonable rates.

The former clubhouse building is scheduled to be demolished in September, 2021. In its place, a 2500-square-foot multi-use clubhouse will be built. It will include a kitchen, dining area, a program/rental area, washrooms, and storage. A screened deck and large canopied area will provide summer seating in the shade and a view of the lake.

“The construction of this facility is a significant opportunity to stimulate recreation and tourism for the region,” stated Tycoles. “COVID pointed out that more people wanted to do more things outside, in the winter.”

This next phase of Reston’s recreation plan, a winter wonderland, will see a new clubhouse facility at the center of cross-country ski trails, walking paths, outdoor skating on Reston’s lake and more.

A gazebo shelter will be constructed between the new clubhouse and the lake for year-round use as the facility will provide rentals for events, and for day use to the community. 

Projected to be a $750,000 build, this four-season clubhouse has received approval from the Reston LUD, the RM of Pipestone, Reston School and the Pipestone Albert Recreation Commission.

The nine-hole, grass-green golf course enjoyed a membership of 113 golfers in 2020 season and rec director Tara Cowan hopes there will be more next year.

“We host around six tournaments per year,” she says. These include: In Da Cup, Night golf, The big 6-6-6 tourney, ladies, men’s and year end tourneys.

Tycoles says the membership and golf club board has proposed volunteering to tape, mud and paint to help reduce costs of this project. The Reston Golf Club project has launched their fundraising campaign and they welcome participants.

The project committee is presently seeking to raise $300,000. Those interested in helping with this project should contact Ross Tycoles or visit the RM of Pipestone office or RES Centre.


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