Reston United Appeal, 14 charities served

Reston and District United Appeal Inc. was formed and incorporated in 1971 by our community members who saw the need to come together to aid local and global charities. It is an independent registered charity and does not operate under the umbrella of United Way/United Appeal. It hosts one annual project that canvasses our local communities to support fourteen registered member charities.  Since inception, Reston and District United Appeal Inc. has collected and dispersed $479,303 to the member charities.

Our registered organization includes 14 registered charities; each charity has one volunteer delegate on the Board of Reston and District United Appeal Inc. An executive, comprised of president, secretary and treasurer is chosen from the membership to manage the organization. Two member meetings are held in our fiscal year, Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. The Annual General Meeting, which is open to all members and general public, is held in September.

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New charities are welcome to attend to apply for membership. After completing membership requirements, the new charity will be presented to the membership for acceptance and then it will be added to the donor sheet for the next annual canvas.

Every dollar collected during the annual canvas is held from canvas collection date to the next Annual General Meeting; then dispersed as directed by the donators. New membership fees and earned bank interest is used to offset operating expenses, along with the generous grants received from Province of Manitoba. 

This year’s members are

·         Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba,

·         Reston Nursery School Co-op Inc.,

·         Alzheimer Association of Manitoba Westman,

·         Canadian Cancer Society,

·         Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba,

·         Canadian National Institute for the Blind,

·         Reston Early Learning Centre Inc.,

·         RM of Pipestone Handivan Inc.,

·         Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada,

·         Kidney Foundation of Canada, Manitoba Branch,

·         Diabetes Canada,

·         Society of Manitobans with Disabilities,

·         Reston and Area Foundation Inc.,

·         Manitoba Brain Injury Association.


To date the 2020 canvass has collected $9590 for these fourteen charities.  If you would like any information about joining our organization, member charities, information/pamphlets or contact information for these charities, please call anytime. 

Reston and District United Appeal Inc. appreciates our communities’ support and the funds which allow these charities to continue to serve us in our communities

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