Restoring Services (Phase One) - Beginning May 4

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Stores, hair salons/barbershops and medical services are opening May 4. For so many business owners and people waiting on elective surgery or even diagnosis, this news is a great relief.

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For many, the decision to re-open (First Phase as it is called) has come as a bit of a surprise, creating a panic to get ready for customers, and a rush to have the COVID-19 signage on doors advising customers of the requirements.

There’s a certain anxiety along with the knowledge that the economic hardship may be coming to an end.

Business owners and staff want to remain safe.

Restoring Services (Phase One) - Beginning May 4

Critical public health measures and current travel restrictions will remain. This includes mandatory self-isolation upon one's return to Manitoba and limits on travel to the north. Priority elective surgeries have been restarted, diagnostics screening will resume and some non-essential businesses will be reopened:

  • schools will remain closed
  • non-urgent surgery and diagnostic procedures restored
  • therapeutic and health care services restored
  • retail businesses reopen
  • restaurants - patio/walk-up services restored
  • hairstylists and barbers reopen
  • museums, galleries and libraries reopen
  • outdoor recreation and campgrounds reopen

If results during or at the end of phase one or any future phases are not favourable, the province will not proceed with further easing of secondary public health measures and may reintroduce others. If disease activity remains low, we will give serious consideration in mid-May to reducing the restrictions on group size.


Find links below regarding what kinds of services are open and what is required.

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