Ret. teacher's letter on education bill

I am a retired educator of 39 years of experience with the same school division.

Dear Premier and Minister of Education:

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I have heard of Bill 64 in all sorts of media and from what I see it’s not a good idea at all and you both need to rethink it.

The voice of the people is best heard from a locally elected school board and not the way you think it should be. A school board is the voice of the people and not appointments at your pleasure.

You both seem to think that bigger is better. Well, that would be a disaster in waiting. Just look at our health care system. You’re not going to save money by making school divisions bigger. Who gives your government advice? Nobody likes what you’re going to do with examples being MTS, RTAM, school boards, editorials and school staffs.

This micro management that seems to prevail in your idea of government is distasteful. Let those at the ‘coal face’ help with a new path towards education. The province has well qualified educators who strive for self-improvement on a constant basis. These are the people to tap for their knowledge and experience.

I am not going to go on and on. You both have seen the editorials and the mail you have received.

There are other items that have annoyed me and they are: Manitoba Hydro; selling off of Crown Corporations or the thought of doing such; not providing all school staff the opportunity to get the vaccine (include fire and police); not doing anything about providing Reserves with clean drinking water (work with the Feds – a must); and close the provincial borders!

Sirs you really have to rethink Bill 64 and do the right thing or it will end up in one large mess.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelvon G. Smith, CD, BA, BEd

Captain (Ret’d) CAF

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