Rigging Country Fest

Lights, camera ... and a whole lot of sound equipment must be set up long before the bands hit the stage and the crowds gather at Dauphin's Countryfest. 

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Dean Munchinsky and a team of riggers take care of this behind-the-scenes necessity.
He's been doing it for years because he loves the entertainment industry.
Munchinsky is a Brandon resident who runs a steel and fasteners business in Virden. Riggin the stage - he is climbing steel. 
"When we come in, the stage is completely empty. All the speakers that hang, we do that too," explains Munchinsky. "We have a great crew. It's nice to have a project where you start, then it's coplete. Everybody gets down."
He adds that at 45 feet in the air - there's an element of caution. "If you're not afraid - you're stupid."
Virden's Brady Chyzyk was also a stage hand this year.
"We do the change over for each band. That's kind of fun too." As is the full-access passes for Countryfest.
And, at the end of the festival, there's more work - what goes up must come down.
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