RM accommodates young Kenton families

A bus shelter in Kenton is completed just in the nick of time as a cold front crushes Westman’s warm winter with coming temperatures forecast in the customary Manitoba minus 30s. This shelter is designed to give students waiting for the school bus a place to get out of the wind, or rain when spring arrives.

The former school in Kenton has been closed to students for some time and is used as offices for the ag business, Farmers Edge.

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The village needed a new, safe location for bus riding students. For the RM of Wallace-Woodworth, CAO Garth Mitchel said, “The RM Council looked at the available area. We have parking lot and drive-in area south of our [municipal] office. We contacted the school division and they were more than happy to have their bus just route in there and pick the kids up there.”

With a lot of young families in Kenton, Mitchell said, “There should be children catching buses for quite a while.”

Wallace-Woodworth water utility operator Darren Mercer and other municipal staff have worked on this project.

The original project was approved at $6,000, months ago by Council. With building costs on the rise, council recently approved an additional cost to the project up to $1,500.

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