RM of Wallace-Woodworth: Vince Heaman

Vince Heaman reeve candidate profile

My wife Evelyn and I have three daughters.

Our girls have excellent jobs with two master’s degrees and a psychiatric nursing degree.

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I farm north of Virden and have been number one salesman in north America several times for Precision farming equipment.

With my former reeve experience there were eighty beneficial accomplishments within the RM. Some of these were: initiation of a water system, GIS information, Web page, gravel security, mission and vision statement and organizational structure.

During that time the RM gained provincial respect with envy.

Some involvements with volunteer positions have been: eight years with Ag Days in Brandon, six years with the federal economic board, 22 years with training new employees for future leadership roles, six years on high school advisory council and one on school board policy committee.

I was the originator for Ag Days in Brandon, was involved with introducing leading edge farm technology such as GPS, biotechnology and the zero till concept.

I bring good business knowledge, with logical, practical efficient foresight and management; optimistic future outlook with positive thinking, in a progressive, forward direction; commitment to developing opportunities for our community; provincial and federal lobbying success; leadership with both direction and a plan; a decision maker with balanced reasoning and common sense; a strong work ethic with strength of character and a devotion for responsible, accountable accomplishments.

With a rapidly changing world, we must embrace the future or be left behind. My excitement is future opportunities within the RM and with my background will complete this job with confidence.

Accountability and responsibility for value with our taxes has been a past issue for me.

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